4 ways to build buzz for your brand

Posted by Author: Joanna L. Krotz

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What is a brand? It's the promise you make to customers. It's the "emotional connections that create feelings of loyalty to a product or a company," says Jim Bolton at Ridge Associates, a coaching firm in Minneapolis. It's how you distinguish yourself from competition and capture mind and market share.

To get customers to notice your infant brand quickly and affordably, you must stay focused. Don't chase after huge or unlikely prospects right away. Don't squander time and resources by broadcasting mixed messages. Keep it simple. Make sure your marketing material has a recognizable identity, with a consistent logo, palette and tag lines.

Then, check out these four cost-effective branding strategies suggested by marketing experts and successful entrepreneurs.

1. Get inside the customer's mind.
Most new business owners research their target buyers. So you likely know something about your customer demographics, such as income and age. That's good, but it's hardly enough.

You need a serious fix on what will propel people to buy so you can gear your messages accordingly. "What need will you fill for the customer?"

2. Get endorsements that ring the right bells.
Expert or third-party endorsements can mean a movie/tv star, a banker or a tech wizard. If you have invested in characterizing target customers, coming up with personalities who will fuel buzz should be a snap.

3. Get the attention of hot prospects.
Find the industry seminars or annual shows that attract your top-of-the-line customers. Then spend what it takes to design a snazzy booth. Or, sign up for media coaching and pay a speech writer and design team to develop newsworthy presentations. Or, hire a marketing firm to create a memorable way to demonstrate your product. You want to make a standout impression at the high-profile show.

4. Get public relations pros to open markets.
Your products don't have to instantly make people attractive, guarantee weight loss or offer the promise of eternal youth to benefit from press attention.

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