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Softline Media recently provided products and marketing solutions to the following clients and local industries. We assisted small startup companies wanting only a logo to well established corporates seeking new interactive ways to engage their customers.

Intelligence Publishing | www.intelligence.co.za
PC Format | Flash Animation for their annual supplier awards
Mooikloof Estates | www.mooikloof.org
Transformex | www.transformex.co.za
InFront Consultants | www.infrontconsultants.co.za
Optimum Properties | In progress...
Sondela Academy | In progress ...
BTGH | www.btgh.co.za
University of Johannesburg | Multimedia CDRom
AJM Global Asset Management | www.ajmglobal.com
Alcatel | Corporate photo shoot(s)
Clientele IFA | Event Video/DVD production
Hyundai | 4x4 Promotional DVD and video shoot
Vodacom | Product Promo eBrochure
Turner Consulting | www.turnerconsulting.co.za
Tourism and Travel
Sondela Nature Reserve | www.sondela.com
Africa Conservation Trust | www.africanconservationtrust.com
Mabalingwe Game Reserve | electronic brochures
Funseekers International | www.funseekers.co.za
Iwamanzi Game Lodge | In progress . ..
Ngonyama Game Reserve | www.afribush.co.za
Protea Eco 4x4 Safaris | www.passport2adventure.co.za
Mogale Bungee Jumping | www,bugeemogale.co.za
Induna Adventures | www.indunaadventures.com
Stan Burger Safaris | www.stanburger.com
Mananga Safaris | www.managasafaris.com
Trans African Hunting Safaris | www.huntsafaris.com
African Game Hunters | www.africangamehunters.com
Forever Resorts | eBrochures for different resorts in the group |
2010 Soccer portal | In progress...
Blyde Canyon Tourism Portal | In progress . . .
Mobideck | www.mobideck.co.za
Zasembo Business Enterprises | www.zasembo.co.za
Micro Power | In progress ...
IPS Projects | www.ipsprojects.co.za
Trailer Boy | www.trailerboy.co.za
Polly Anne Tissue | Complete branding and marketing solution
Arts and Entertainment
Rasheed the Magician | Logo and website

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You can request a FREE presentation cd from Softline Media containing a corporate profile and portfolio. Please email your CONTACT DETAILS and PO BOX to info@softlinemedia.com

You will receieve a response shorly after with details when to expect your disc.