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Softline Media offers a complete web design solution. Our approach is not only creative, but BUSSINESS DRIVEN too!

we understand the importance of having a good business tool

Your website to be (or existing website) is that tool. If you don`t know where to start or what to ask for, please read further on as we explain the basics (if you are a website owner or know everything about the internet, please feel free to skip this introduction)

Introduction - First of all you need a DOMAIN NAME - www.yourbusiness.co.za
You can also have any of the International options (.com,. .net, .info, .ws and many more)

Secondly you need a website to go with your new domain name. See this as your office/shop to go onto your empty piece of land. (domain) - We offer custom website packages starting from single page designs - R 950.00* up to large data driven corporate web sites. You can add flash animation for an additional R 550.00 per page.

Thirdly you need HOSTING - this is a monthly fee you pay us to keep your website active on the internet and globally accessible. See this as your monthly office rent - only cheaper!
Our hosting price - only R 99.00 per month. You get UNLIMITED TRAFFIC* and 15 mailboxes to use as you please. Many more extras - just ask. If you would like to host with us but already have an existing hosting service provider we can do a domain transfer at no cost to you.

Now that you are the proud owner of a website the real work starts - You need to let people know that you are online.
Interact with them - Get their feedback - Listen to what they want - and most important - CONVERT them to customers. PixelWeb can make sure that you get this vital information, and know what to do with it. You will receive daily/weekly/monthly reports* on your website. We will optimize* your site for search engines, give advice on keywords, do keyword research* for you, help setup a PPC (pay per click) account with Google.

We also have supporting media to help promote your website:
-Print (Small and Large scale printing)
-Email campaigns and other online marketing tools
-Trade shows
-Interactive campaigns
-Desktop branding

Depending on your marketing plan/budget and target market we can deliver products and services that will exceed your expectations and impress your customers!

Should you require more information about setting up your own web site or any relating questions - please email us for professional and friendly advise.

Please note that Terms and Conditions apply*
Your domain name - www.   .co.za
We value your privacy.
Your email address will never be shared with anyone, for any reason, and you can easily remove it from our database at anytime. That's a promise!